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"The quality and scope of these materials is absolutely amazing".

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    - Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic

    - 29 Day Lunar Practice

    - A Witches Guide to Moon Magic

    - Little Book of Abundance Spells

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Whats Included in the Ultimate Bundle?

  • What People Are Saying about our Digital Grimoires:

    “ The quality and scope of these materials is absolutely amazing. You get so much valuable information and all are beautifully illustrated and obviously made with love..”

Digital E-Book

Secret Grimoire

Digital E-Book

Moon Correspondences

Digital E-Book

Little Book of Abundance Spell

Digital E-Book

29 Day Lunar Reflection Practice

Digital E-Book

Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic

Digital E-Book

A Witches Guide to Moon Magic

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful but not printer friendly or economical

The Grimoire Bundle is absolutely beautiful and full of amazing information!! I adore it! However, the pages are complete full color to simulate parchment paper. I was hoping to be able to print all these wonderful books, but it's just way too much ink for my at home printer and quite expensive to print elsewhere. I would have rather paid more money for a printed book with the grimoires. Or, perhaps have a copy without all the background color (apart from art pieces) so that we could print on colored paper and make it more printer friendly.

Hi Thanks so much for your feedback! We really appreciate it. We'll try to make a white colored background version in the future so that the ink issue is resolved. The files were originally intended for a commercial printer, so we left the background as is because we love the look, but definitely understand the issue in regards to ink usage. So happy that your enjoying the Grimoires overall though

Best Digital Materials You Can Find Anywhere

The quality and scope of these materials is absolutely amazing. You get so much valuable information and all are beautifully illustrated and obviously made with love.

Stella Prime
Ultimate Grimoire Bundle

Absolutely loved it!!! Thank you.. I love seeing more of them like you are bringing out. The New Years one you have just released is fantastic also ..

I run a subscription group myself and I use your workbooks as a reference with the "colours and the plant life" in my offerings in them as I am still not sure yet how to work this out myself.

I would love a work book explaining how to calculate this in future if that is at all possible please..

Don't not worry though. I will still purchase yours, they are beautiful and can appreciate the amount of work you put into them ..

Many blessings xo
Stella Prime

Michaelann Marie Allen
Gorgeous work

Beautiful artwork and lots to go through, excellent resource for my learning

People Usually Ask

1. How do I access my workbook?

You will be emailed a download link immediately after purchase. (Sometimes they do end up in Spam). Once you open the link, you need to save it to a third-party application, like iBooks or Dropbox. Once you have saved the Workbook, you can access it as many times as you like. (Please note that saving the workbooks is crucial as the download links do expire). You can also print these workbooks.

2. I’m not a (insert astrological sign), can I still purchase the workbook?

Yes! The workbooks are for the Sun Season, New Moon and Full Moon. They are applicable to everyone, no matter what personal zodiac sign you are.

6. Are there spells and rituals included?

Omg yes! Our workbooks are packed with spells and rituals designed to help you to make the most of the current moon phase. 

7. Can I print these at home?

Of course! We've even included an ink saving black and white PDF file for you