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Here's What's Included in Your $12.99 Monthly Membership for September 2023

For less than a coffee a week here are all of the live events and resources included in your membership

Take Part in an Autum Equinox Ritual

Join us for an Autumn Equinox ritual with High Priestess Annwyn Avalon.
  • Included for FREE in your Membership

  • Watch the Replay


Craft a New moon in Virgo Spell Jar

Join us as we host Mercy Morgan and create a New Moon in Virgo spell jar.
  • Included for FREE in your Membership

  • Watch the Replay


Take part in a Prosperity Magic Challenge

Join our 14-day Prosperity Magic Challenge to amplify your prosperity frequency.
  • Included for FREE in your Membership

  • Watch the Replay


Join an Intuitive Movement Ritual

Renowned for her ceremonies, Melissa's session will bridge the physical and spiritual body.
  • Included for FREE in your Membership

  • Watch the Replay


Download Your Full Moon in Aries Lunar Guide

Filled with spells, rituals and journaling prompts, also includes a full audio guide.
  • Included for FREE in your Membership

  • Watch the Replay


Join a Breathwork and Meditation Session

Join us for a breathwork and meditation session with Jule Vey. 

  • Included for FREE in your Membership

  • Watch the Replay

Explore Diverse Practices and Approaches

Access previous live sessions in our extensive archive anytime in our 24/7 video vault.

Learn from the best

Join us for beautiful live rituals, watch the replays, download your workbooks, find like minded people in our vibrant community chat and take part in engaging monthly challenges all for just $12.99 per month

Hear from Our Happy Learners

"I love you guys. Everything you put out is amazing, informational, helpful and beautiful".
Serena G | TWC Member
"Joining this membership was a game-changer for me. The resources and workshops have deepened my understanding of the craft and connected me with a supportive community (I LOVE the slack group even though I mainly lurk haha). Highly recommended for anyone on a spiritual journey."
M | TWC Member
"I've been a member for six months, and the growth I've experienced is profound. The monthly lunar guides are invaluable, and the live rituals have become a sacred part of my practice. Thank you for creating this space!"
Willow S. | TWC Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i access the membership after i signed up?

After you complete your purchase, you'll get an email containing a login link and password.
If you can't find it, please check your SPAM folder because sometimes it goes there.

How Do I login to the membership?

Easy steps: 
1 - Click here
2 - Choose 'The Witches Circle'. 
3 - Type the email and password you used to sign up (when you first bought the membership).

Trouble logging in?
Do this: 
1 - Clear your browser's saved stuff (it's called the cache)
2 - Turn on 'third party cookies'. 
(Every website with a sign-in button needs these cookies. It's a normal thing, even if they don't always tell you).

Still stuck? 
Email Amaria for help: customercare@witchesofinsta.com.

How do i use the lunar guides?

1 - Find the next upcoming lunar event.
2- Go to this website: https://mooncalendar.astro-seek.com 
3 - See if the moon is new or full, and notice its sign (the zodiac sign it's in). 
4 - On our website, find the matching moon workbook.
5 - Buy it, and we'll send you an email with links to get your files. 

Remember to save these files on your device. 
You have 7 days to save the files to your device after buying them.

What if I cant make a live event?

Awesome news! Inside our membership, we have an amazing video vault. 
In the video vault you can rewatch every live session anytime you want, again and again.
After we do a live event, we put that video replay into the video vault. 
So, as long as you are an active member, you can watch it when it's best for you.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. 
It's really easy to cancel; just click one button in your members area.
If you want to come back later, just buy a membership again.

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