Witches Circle Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Witches Circle Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Witches Circle Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Witches Circle Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Witches Circle Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic
Witches Circle Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic

Exclusive Hard-Cover Edition. Limited Stock

"I received this today and it's the most beautiful book in my collection!"

Grimoire Customer
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Discover the Magic Anew: The Coveted Hardcover Edition of the Plant and Crystal Grimoire Awaits You. No More Waiting. No More Pre-orders. This is your exclusive invitation to own a hardcover edition that vanished from shelves almost as soon as it appeared. Your very own 80-page journey into the enchanting realm of plant and crystal magic is now ready to grace your collection.

Imagine turning the pages of this sought-after grimoire, each page a testament to the beauty and power of the natural world, resplendent with full-color illustrations that bring to life the secrets of healing herbs, protective plants, and magical crystals. This isn't just a book; it's a gateway to enhancing your witchcraft practices, a companion for your rituals, meditations, and spell work that pulses with the otherworldly vibrations of nature's sacred helpers.

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Important Alert - The Plant and Crystal Grimoire Hardcover Edition is available for purchase only through our official website (thewitchescircle.org) It is not sold on Amazon, other online bookstores, or through any other retailers.


Discover the magical properties, practical uses, and mystical correspondences of essential plants and crystals. Every page of this grimoire is a visual feast, hand-illustrated and bursting with vibrant full-color imagery.


What are people saying about the Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic?

Customer Reviews

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Donna Skelly
What a Treat!

This book is a treasure from the start. The cover is beautiful, the artwork is amazing, the different styles of print make it quirky, but best of all the content is informative and interesting.

Beautiful Book

I love it. Beautiful illustrations, very informative. Would highly recommend.

Krista F
The bound version is lovely

I had the unbound version from a couple of years back - though it contained quite a bit more than the plant and crystal collection. I'm gifting the pages that match the new bound version to another witchy friend. It really is lovely work and I'm still glad I purchased it.

Hi Krista, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! It's wonderful to hear that you like the bound version of our plant and crystal grimoire :) You're right about the previous edition that you have, it must have been our Ultimate Grimoire Bundle —it was a compilation of several different grimoires, offering a broader range of content at a higher price point. The new Plant and Crystal Grimoire is an expanded version of one part of the bundle that you have from a couple of years back. We're thrilled to hear you're passing on the matching pages to a friend—what a lovely gift! Your support and feedback mean the world to us, and we're so glad you're happy with your purchase <3

Viola Purdy

Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic

Thanks for your review, Viola :)

Carolyn King
Love my book!

Thank you so much. The book is beautiful. It shipped out fast and the transactions was very smooth.

Thank you, Carolyn! So happy that you like everything <3

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