Witches don't look like anything.
Witches are.
Witches do.

When we started this community two years ago, we had a vision to create a space grounded in authenticity, wisdom and human connection. 

As a dedicated two-woman team, we've built a space that's now home to hundreds of members, each adding their unique magic and wisdom to our collective journey.

Over time, we've had opportunities that many would consider dream offers – Major publishers offered book deals and high-profile companies wanted to hire us as consultants. However, we've turned pretty much all of them down. Why? Not because they weren't valid offers or to stubbornly resist growth, but to stay true to what makes this community special in the first place - its authenticity.
Our commitment has always been to authenticity, wisdom, and genuine connection. We believe in creating and sharing content that is not just informative but transformative – resources that are not just words on a page, but gateways to deeper understanding and magical experiences.

Our decisions are guided by what feels right for our community, which often means choosing the path less traveled. This approach may not always be the easiest, but it ensures that what we offer is in line with the integrity and authenticity that our members have come to expect and cherish.

We work tirelessly to ensure that everything we do, from the resources we create to the events we host, reflects the authentic, wise, and magical spirit of our community. This dedication extends to offering scholarships and discounts to those in need, maintaining our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Thank you for being a part of this path, for your support, and for helping us keep the magic alive. 

With gratitude and magic,
Amythest and Amaria

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