This is a one-time payment for a yearly membership in TWC, our amazing online community where you'll have access to all of our bi-monthly new and full moon workbook plus two live rituals each month. 

Included in the membership as a special bonus gift are digital copies of our five best-selling grimoires valued at $34.99

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In the Yearly:
  • A yearly membership to TWC
  • Bonus Gift 1: Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic (digital)
  • Bonus Gift 2: Secret Grimoire (Digital)
  • Bonus Gift 3: 29 Day Lunar Practice (Digital)
  • Bonus Gift 4: Little Book of Abundance Spells (Digital)
  • Bonus Gift 5: Witches Guide to Moon Magic (Digital)

Whats Included the Membership:

24 Workbooks in Total

Full and New Moon Workbooks

As a member, you'll receive a digital Full and New Moon workbook each month. Using the workbooks, you'll be able to clarify and define your goals each month, and take empowered steps to manifest your desires.. The New moon will help propel you towards your ambitions and goals - providing fresh energy that can increase motivation, clarity and focus. As you draw on this powerful energy, it's a great opportunity to plant seeds for things that you wish to manifest. The period of full moon offers us a different kind of energy. This three-day period is perfect for ritual work and can help manifest our desires and wishes into reality Using the workbooks, you'll be able to clarify and define your goals each month, and take empowered steps to manifest your desires.


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    “I've been a member since Sept 2022 and feel so much more confident in my practice. Also, the customer support is so good and i feel like the whole space is super authentic and genuine.”.”

Two LIVE Zoom trainings each month

$240 Value

Special New and Full Moon Playlists and Soundscapes

$120 Value

Exclusive Members Only Forum

$60 Value

Video Library of Past Live Trainings and Rituals

$100 Value

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FREE Bonus Gifts

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    “ The quality and scope of these materials is absolutely amazing. You get so much valuable information and all are beautifully illustrated and obviously made with love..”

Digital E-Book

Secret Grimoire

Digital E-Book

Moon Correspondences

Digital E-Book

Little Book of Abundance Spell

Digital E-Book

29 Day Lunar Reflection Practice

Digital E-Book

Secret Grimoire of Plant and Crystal Magic

Digital E-Book

A Witches Guide to Moon Magic