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New Moon in Aquarius - Spiritual Meaning and Ritual

Amythest May

Jan 11,2023

New Moon in Aquarius

January 21st 2023 

Peak Darkness at 20:53 pm EST

Exploring the Energetic Impact of the New Moon in Aquarius

As the new moon rises in the sign of Aquarius on Jan 21st, we can take this moment to invite freshness and renewal into our lives. This is an opportunity to explore beyond expectations of society or even ourselves for a chance at meaningful transformation in all areas - physical, emotional and spiritual! It is also an invitation to reflect on how we can be better stewards of our freedom, personally and collectively.

“Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows". 


Energy of the New Moon in Aquarius

As the Sun and Moon meet in this sign, we have an opportunity to set intentions for ourselves that will bring about healing and progress. Aquarius invites us to tap into our creative potential and open ourselves up to change.

The new moon in Aquarius greets us like a breath of fresh air, sweeping away stale energies and leaving us feeling refreshed and revitalised. As each new moon represents a new beginning, this new moon in particular brings a renewed focus to all things concerning communication, fresh perspectives and working with the energies of the collective. With this new moon comes the opportunity to think outside of the box and truly reconnect with our own unique perspective.

The most unpredictable sign of the zodiac, aquarius bring energies of invention, inspiration and creative exploration. The energetic blueprint of Aquarius is mainly related to freedom and independence, and as Aquarius is a fixed air sign, tapping into its elemental air qualities is all about connecting with the mental energy of the Universe.

Aquarian energy also encourages us to tap into our intuition - allowing us to get in touch with our inner voice and make decisions based on what's right for us. The energy of this new moon is all about staying open-minded, and being able to think outside of the box, while still being connected to the bigger picture. This makes it the perfect time for magical work to aid and project whose acceptance is uncertain, to clarify unrealized aspirations and to reveal truth and clarity around your vision. Magic and ritual around illumination and enlightenment, as well as balanced communication will also prove very strong with this new moon.

Aquarius is a sign that's associated with friendship and community, inspiring us to form meaningful connections with others. Finally, it brings forth rebellious tendencies – challenging conformity and outdated beliefs in order to create positive change in the world. This new moon in particular is a dance between conformity and rebellion, the part of us that desire acceptance, and the part of us that want to rebel. This inner feeling of ‘push and pull’ may mean lunar energies may have trouble manifesting and we could feel out of touch or disconnected from our emotions. Remember that during this phase, it's important for us to reach out for support when needed - connecting with like-minded people who can provide insight and understanding on our journey.

Correspondences for the New Moon in Aquarius

Affirmations for the New Moon in Aquarius

“I trust the steps I take”

“I am worthy of living a life of unlimited freedom and unbridled joy”

“I follow my truth and trust in my unique path”

“I embrace my differences and love my quirks”

Element for the New Moon in Aquarius


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