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How To Enchant An Object Magically

Enchanting or charging an object is a simple and effective method used to increase the effectiveness of a particular goal, spell, or intention. Enchanting an item simple means to align it with specific duties and to adjust its vibrational level to suit these duties. 

When is it useful to enchant something?

You can work with enchantments to boost any and all areas of your life and spell work. For example, you might be having a difficult time at work and be feeling the need for extra protection. In this case, a hematite crystal pendant enchanted with a strong frequency of protection could be just the thing for you. Another example could be the tools you use for your spell work. Enchanting these with the duties that each are to perform could really boost the effects of your spell work. You might also like to enchant your crystals depending on what they are being used for. Having trouble sleeping? Why not enchant an amethyst with a frequency of peace and relaxation to keep underneath your pillowcase at night.

How to enchant an object

1 – Light a candle or candles. Choose the color of your candle to match your intention.

2 – Hold the object you wish to enchant in your hands. Close your eyes and sense the energies that it contains. With your eyes still closed, visualize the magickal goal which you would like to achieve (power, love, protection, energy etc).

3 – Now build up the emotions surrounding your visualization until you can feel a distinct energy form within yourself. With the energy tingling in your hands, visualise it streaming into the object. You can picture it as strands of blue or white light that pours from the palms of your hands.

4 – When you feel drained of your energy, set the object down and shake your hands vigorously. This cuts the flow of energy so you will not be completely drained.

5 – Relax your body and pinch or snuff out the candle flame. Your enchantment is now complete.

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