Crystals For Protection – 6 Powerful Protective Stones

Crystals For Protection – 6 Powerful Protective Stones

Working with the frequency of certain crystals to help protect from negative energies has a long tradition within spiritual practices.

The word crystal actually comes from the Greek word ‘Krystallos’ meaning ‘ice and ‘kruos’ meaning cold. The Greeks found quartz crystals high-up in the alpine mountains and assumed that these were chunks of ice, frozen so deeply that they could never thaw (hence the name ‘ice-cold’). Because of their crystalline structure and ethereal beauty, crystals have been highly prized throughout history and many ancient cultures believed that with the help of crystals a direct connection to the divine could be established.

Crystals really do make wonderful companions, whether placed on an altar or a night table, carried in a pocket during the day, worn as jewellery or placed under a pillow at night when its time for sleep.

Just as some plants are more suited to certain types of spellwork and magick than others, certain crystals are also more suited for protection purposes than others. As with all magickal work, take your time to really get to know each crystal and discover its unique benefits before moving on to the next stone.

It’s important to ensure you have a clear intention and that you are not overly tired or stressed before attempting any spellwork or crystal magick. I always suggest at least a short meditation before you starting with any spellwork. Having a clear and focused mind will make your spells so much more effective. It’s really worth the effort I promise.

What Is A Powerful Protection Crystal?

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz acts as an energy amplifier and can be used to ‘wash’ negative energies away from the body and the environment. If you are feeling in need of strong energetic protection (perhaps there is someone toxic at work or within your family whom you feel negatively affected by) I suggest wearing or carrying a piece of clear quartz with you.

To activate the crystal carry it in your pocket for 7 days. This will attune the crystal to your own specific frequency.  Keeping quartz close to you will help to protect you from day to day stress and the stones piezoelectric charge will help to dispell negative energies.

What Crystal Protects From Negative Energy?


Jasper is a wonderfully protective stone. Carrying or wearing jasper is said to provide protection from misfortune and in ancient cultures, jasper was known as the ‘rain bringer’.

Jasper is great for ‘grounding’ –  when you need to feel connected to the earth again. Hold a piece of jasper or place it on your solar plexus as you lie on the ground and focus on feeling the connection to the earth.

If you are feeling anxious or lacking in confidence carry a piece of green jasper with you. In moments of insecurity take the stone in your left hand and gently rub it on on the palm of your right hand in circular motions. Feel the calming energy of the stone and visualise it throwing a green circle of protection around you.

Wear an amulet made from a piece of jasper or carry a charged piece of jasper in your pocket to protect you from negative energies. This works wonderfully if you have been the victim of gossip and will help to protect you from slander.

What Stones Protect Empaths?


Carrying a piece of obsidian will help to protect and shield you from negative energies Once you have chosen a piece of obsidian, charge it with lunar energies and then carry it around with you. Repeat the lunar charge ritual on every full moon phase.

Wearing or carrying a round piece of obsidian is thought to provide even stronger protective energies due to the belief that corners provide a space where negative energy can manifest. Carry this round stone with you when anticipating a situation where you will meet people who give off negative energy. When your surrounding atmosphere feels unpleasant, frosty or awkward, touch your obsidian and imagine all of the negative energy being absorbed by the stone. You should always cleanse the stone after using it to keep it from storing any of the negative energy it has absorbed.

Rose Quartz

Because the colour of rose quartz has the same pink tone as that given off by the aura of the heart chakra it’s often called the ‘love stone’.

The crystal is associated with unconditional love, healing and beauty and peace.

Rose quartz is a wonderful crystal for protection which can aid in preventing nightmares and help to ensure a restful nights sleep. Place a piece of charged rose quartz underneath your pillow to deflect the negative energies that cause nightmares.

Carry a piece of rose quartz in your pocket or wear some as jewellery to benefit from its protective powers. For an extra boost affirm the crystals positive vibration by gently touching it with your hand and stating ‘I am a strong confident person. I will not be affected by any negative energy around me’.

Two More Powerful Crystals for Protection

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz has a unique vibration which helps you to connect with universal source energy. The crystal facilitates astral travel and journeying into the deeper parts of the subconscious mind. Because smokey quartz also has a unique grounding energy, while it may push you into uncharted psychic dimensions, it will protect and guide you at the same time.

Place a piece of smokey quartz at the foot of your bed and one underneath your pillow to keep your astral body safe while you dream

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has powerful safeguarding energy and represents intense protection.  If you have been feeling alot of negative energy around you, take a piece of black tourmaline (make sure you cleanse the stone before working with it) and charge it with a powerful protective affirmation such as ‘I am safe and protected’. Carry the stone with you and place it underneath your pillow at night. Whenever you feel negative energy or notice a negative thought occuring, think of the tourmaline and visualise it throwing a protective shield around you.

So lovelies, that’s it from me today! I hope I’ve given you a few helpful hints about how to work with crystals for protection!

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