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Crystals For Confidence – 4 Magickal Gems To Boost Your Self Assurance

Crystals For Confidence

For those of you familiar with crystal magick and healing crystals this might sound superflous but for all the newbies out there I cannot reiterate this point enough, tuning in to crystal energies takes time and patience. Just like magick, keep trying and be persistent. Sooner or later you will start to see results!

Working with crystals to boost your confidence can be as complex or simple as you like. You may like to wear a confidence-boosting crystal in the form of a necklace or ring, carry a stone in your pocket.

Remember, before working with any crystals its always a good idea to cleanse and charge your crystals first.

Crystals For Confidence #1 – Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is thought to have wonderfully powerful confidence boosting properties. Because tigers eye is reputed to dispel negative energy from the aura it will help to remove any negative thoughts you might be having. This will help to clear the way for a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-worth. I suggest working with tigers eye in a crystal grid specifically designed to boost confidence. Try placing this grid in your home office, near your wardrobe or in your bathroom and observe the way it will help to change your energy from self doubt to self confidence. You may also like to wear a piece of jewelry made from tigers eye to help boost your confidence in a subtle way.

Crystals For Confidence #2 – Hematite

Hematite is a slick grey metallic-looking crystal made of iron oxide. It has incredible grounding properties and is thought to be a powerful confidence booster energetically. The ancients name for hematite was bloodstone. According to old folklore, hematite was thought to ‘bleed’ when scratched or rubbed leaving behind stains that resembled blood. According to these old texts, hematite was also thought to possess the strange quality of self-healing. Scratch the surface of the stone and then rub over it with your finger, the scratch might have disappeared!

Because of its powerful earthy energy, working with hematite can help to deeply ground us in the physical plane. Being grounded, peaceful and connected to the earth can help us to feel more self-confident in a holistic and long-lasting way.

To work with hematite, hold the stone in your hands and visualise it deeply grounding and connecting you with the earth. A small necklace of hematite stones can also be worn for the same effect.

You might also like to try scrying with hematite to help you to find the reason behind your loss of confidence. To do so, place a red candle in a safe place and darken the room. Seat yourself in front of the candle holding a piece of hematite in your hands. Position the candle so that the flame is reflected on the surface of the hematite stone. Gaze at the reflection whilst you ponder your question. Keep gazing until the answer appears to you.

Crystals For Confidence #3 – Carnelian

Carnelian is reddish-brown or yellow variety of quartz. Carnelian is thought to align with the energy of the feminine and was often worn by women to draw good luck and promote confidence.

Carnelian is ruled by the planet mars and working with carnelian and its crystal correspondences can help to bring powerful confidence-boosting vibes to your spell work.

Fun fact: carnelian was a favourite stone of the ancient Egyptians who believed that it stilled anger and jealousy. According to folklore, the stone was worn to help bolster confidence and courage and was favoured by public speakers who wore it in ring or amulet form during their performances.

Carnelian is also reputed to help repel negative thoughts making it an excellent stone for those of us looking to boost our confidence and dispel negative self-talk.

Work with carnelian to boost confidence by placing it in crystal grids, wearing it as jewellery or incorporating it into your spell work. During the Renaissance as well as in ancient Rome carnelian stones were often engraved with symbols and images invoking courage and self-confidence and treasured as magickal amulets. Why not take a clue from the ancient Romans and try carrying a piece of engraved carnelian yourself?

Crystals For Confidence #4 – Quartz

Quartz is an incredible energy amplifier and all-round power crystal. Work with quartz to boost your confidence by holding a piece of quartz in your hands and visualising yourself as the confident person you wish to be. See yourself moving though life full of confidence and self-assurance. Imagine the energy of your visualisation streaming out from within you, into the crystal and then out into the world to do its work. Thats crystal magick!

If you feel like it, carry a small piece of quartz in your pocket throughout the day or wear a piece of quartz jewellery. Imagine the crystal amplifying your confidence. Visualize it streaming an energy field of confidence around you. Touch the crystal in your pocket and connect with its energy source. Feel it filling you with self-love and self-assurance.

So lovelies, I hope this post has inspired you to try one of these four amazing crystals for confidence yourself. I’m actually wearing a bracelet made from Tigers eye as I write this and have been enjoying the feeling of confidence it’s been giving me all day.

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