Digital New Moon in Virgo Workbook
Digital New Moon in Virgo Workbook

New Moon is happening 15th Sept

(10+ rating)
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Harnessing the Pragmatic Magic of the New Moon in Virgo: A Guide to Mindfulness, Healing, and Conscious LivingĀ  Harness the pragmatic magic of the New...
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The New Moon in Virgo Might Feel Like:

- A fresh start for intentional living and mindfulness. 
- The motivation to meticulously organize and declutter.
 - A clean slate to implement healthier routines. 
- The inspiration to serve others with an open heart. 
- A call to care for my body, mind, and soul. 
- A grounding connection to the earthā€™s natural cycles.
 - A ritual cleansing to wash away the old. 
- Planting the seeds for self-improvement. 
- A reminder of the sacredness in ordinary moments.

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