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Digital New Moon in Scorpio Workbook

Digital New Moon in Scorpio Workbook

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CREATE A HIGH-FREQUENCY ENVIRONMENT - With this workbook, you'll be able to create a sacred space that is conducive to your highest good. It's illustrated with beautiful hand-drawn artwork and filled with helpful exercises

GET IN TOUCH WITH NEW MOON ENERGY - The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, and this workbook will help you to tap into that energy. 

CREATE A LIFE OF PURPOSE - The New Moon in Scorpio Workbook will help you to uncover your passions and create a life of purpose. In this workbook you'll find a crystal elixir, breathwork exercises, a scrying ritual, reflective journal prompts, a simmer pot ritual, a tarot ritual, new moon affirmations and more. 

Our digital Grimoires and Workbooks are designed to be used on your digital device, or printed and added to your own Grimoire folder. All documents come in rich color and are formatted for USA letter size.

To use the documents on your digital device, simply download the PDF files and open them in your preferred PDF viewer. To print the pages, we recommend using a high-quality printer so that the colors remain true to the original design.

Once you have printed the pages, you can add them to your Grimoire folder however you like. However you choose to use them, we hope that our Grimoires and Workbooks will help you activate and empower your magickal practice


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