Lunar Alchemy: Full Moon in Sagittarius and New Moon in Gemini Bundle

"The spells are so specific and, without getting too personal, they work. I feel like I am becoming my true self because of these workbooks!

 Nicole B - Workbook Customer

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  • Introducing the Lunar Cycle Bundle, a comprehensive collection of two digital workbooks that guide you through the transformative energies of the moons phase from Full Moon in Sagittarius to New Moon in Gemini.

    ๐ŸŒ• Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and manifestation with the Full Moon in Sagittarius Digital Workbook. Harness the adventurous and expansive energy of this lunar phase as you explore astrology insights, rituals, and meditations designed to support your growth, optimism, and spiritual expansion.

    ๐ŸŒ‘ Transition into the next phase of the lunar cycle with the New Moon in Gemini Digital Workbook. Immerse yourself in the power of communication, intellectual exploration, and duality as you set intentions and create magic aligned with the energy of the Gemini New Moon. Uncover the depths of your inner self and embrace the transformative potential of this cosmic phase.

    With this Complete Lunar Cycle Bundle, you'll receive a comprehensive guide that supports you throughout the entire moon cycle. Each digital workbook is filled with beautifully designed pages featuring astrology insights, spellwork, journaling prompts, and more. Embrace the ebb and flow of the moon's energy and unlock your true potential with the wisdom and guidance provided in this transformative bundle.

    Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your spiritual journey, the Complete Lunar Cycle Bundle offers a holistic approach to lunar magic, empowering you to align with the natural rhythms of the moon and harness its transformative energy. Dive deep into the mysteries of the moon and embrace the full spectrum of its power with this invaluable resource.

    Please note that all materials in the Complete Lunar Cycle Bundle are available as instant digital downloads, allowing you to embark on your lunar journey immediately. Elevate your spiritual practice and experience the profound shifts that come with embracing the complete lunar cycle.

Customer Reviews

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Monica Wyche

Yearly TWC Membership

Miguelina Pacheco
Taurus โ™‰๏ธ new moon

I love all my orders, thank you for your precious time and for sharing beautiful witches moon rituals, I am very fortunate to be able to use these booklets for my practices and rituals, thanks for my WitchesCircle. Thank you again.

Sol Jimenez
A Go-to Guide for the Lunar Cycle

These workbooks are so full of lots of great information, spells, correspondences and even journaling that are so helpful for working with the current lunar cycle. And the bundle is the buying option hands down! So much value for your money!

Hi Sol, thanks so much for your absolutely lovely review! We're so pleased to hear that you enjoy the workbooks and also like the new bundle option <3 We hope to have more of these available moving forward :)

Laurie Kujawa
I was very impressed!

What took me so long? I am a solitary practitioner living in the jungles of Mexico and this workbook gave me a sense of connection that is very hard to find. Thank you all the hard work and care that obviously went into it!

Hi Laurie, thank you so much for such a wonderful review! Both Amythest and I had been solitary practitioners for a long time before meeting each other so know the feeling of practicing alone well. We're really so happy we could provide a moment of connection through the workbook and hope you continue to feel that thread of togetherness we are all bound by <3
Sending much love to the depths of the jungle, what an amazing place to live :)


First off, can I just say, that super fancy PDF file you sent me was like pure eye candy. You totally got me with the personalized insights that hit home. I gotta say, the way you broke down each card and explained 'em was just mind-blowin'. You made it all make sense, like a lightbulb moment, ya know?

Thanks so much Lynette! We're so glad that the reading resonated and helped to provide a a little clarity <3