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Digital New Moon in Aries Workbook

Digital New Moon in Aries Workbook

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Introducing our New Moon in Aries workbook – your ultimate guide to harnessing the power of this exciting lunar event! This comprehensive workbook is packed with pages of valuable information, rituals, and practices to help you tap into the bold and confident energy of Aries, awaken your inner leader, and take control of your life.

Inside this workbook, you'll find everything you need to know about the energy and spiritual meaning of the New Moon, with a special focus on the New Moon in Aries. You'll discover powerful activities to align with this potent lunar phase, including a New Moon in Aries visualization, journaling prompts, color correspondences, symbolic correspondences, plant correspondences, crystal correspondences, affirmations and more!

But that's not all – our New Moon in Aries workbook also includes powerful rituals to rekindle your inner fire and burn away what you've outgrown. You'll learn how to create healthy boundaries through a protective ritual and release pent up energy through a primal scream ritual. Plus, we've included a simple practice to increase spiritual connection and an amulet to help you take charge.

And if that's not enough – we've even included a tarot spread for the New Moon in Aries and a Fire Frequencies Roadmap for energetic magic workings. With our comprehensive bibliography section at the end of the book - you can dive deeper into understanding the magic behind this exciting lunar event.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your life! Order your copy today and step into your power with confidence!Β 

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