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Digital New Moon in Aquarius Workbook

"I am in love with these workbooks! They bring me so much joy each month!

Laura M - Workbook Customer

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  • The New Moon in Aquarius is a powerful time for setting intentions and working magic related to personal freedom, independence, and rebelliousness. This is a time to let go of what's no longer serving you and to forge your own path in life, unapologetically. The Aquarius energy encourages us to be our true selves, even if that means being a little weird or different. It's also a time for coming together with others who share your unique perspective and working towards collective goals. With our new moon in Aquarius workbook, you'll find the tools you need to tap into your intuition, open to new ideas and let go of everything that's no longer serving your highest-good.

     Filled with spell, rituals and reflective journaling prompts, our workbook has everything you need to tune into the energy of the season and begin crafting your own wild magic.

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Michele Wollenslegel
Never Received my order

Never Received my order

pamela dempewolf
Workbook Aquarius

This workbook was a nice surprise from the usual same old same old. I like the non judgmental approach to those who are not on the same page. We are all different and approach our faith in different ways,

People Usually Ask

1. How do I access my workbook?

You will be emailed a download link immediately after purchase. (Sometimes they do end up in Spam). Once you open the link, you need to save it to a third-party application, like iBooks or Dropbox. Once you have saved the Workbook, you can access it as many times as you like. (Please note that saving the workbooks is crucial as the download links do expire). You can also print these workbooks.

2. I’m not a (insert astrological sign), can I still purchase the workbook?

Yes! The workbooks are for the Sun Season, New Moon and Full Moon. They are applicable to everyone, no matter what personal zodiac sign you are.

6. Are there spells and rituals included?

Omg yes! Our workbooks are packed with spells and rituals designed to help you to make the most of the current moon phase. 

7. Can I print these at home?

Of course! We've even included an ink saving black and white PDF file for you