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Digital Full Moon in Libra Workbook

Digital Full Moon in Libra Workbook

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Are you ready to harness the energy of the Libra Full Moon and find balance, harmony, and justice in your life? Our Libra Full Moon workbook contains everything you need to make the most of this powerful lunar phase.

Discover the energy and spiritual meaning of the Full Moon and how it relates specifically to Libra. Engage in activities, including a meditation and a blessing, to help you connect with the energy of the Libra Full Moon. Use reflective journaling prompts, color, symbolic, plant, and crystal correspondences to deepen your understanding of this lunar phase and its significance.

In addition to these powerful tools, our workbook also includes affirmations for the Full Moon in Libra and a series of spells to help you cleanse imbalances, release what no longer serves, promote health and well-being, and enhance resilience. You'll also learn how to perform a magical tea ritual to promote harmony and invoke the wisdom Goddess Themis.

Finally, our workbook includes a tarot spread to help you find your work/life sweet spot during this lunar phase. Whether you're seeking balance in your relationships, work, or personal life, this spread can help you identify the areas of your life where you need to focus your energy.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to tap into the power of the Libra Full Moon and create balance, harmony, and justice in your life. Order your Libra Full Moon workbook today and start your journey towards inner peace and transformation.

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