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"I am in love with these workbooks! They bring me so much joy each month!

Laura M - Workbook Customer

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  • A beautifully illustrated guide and workbook for the Full Moon in Cancer. Filled with powerful spells and rituals, correspondences and journaling prompts, use this workbook to really hone in on what energies you want to call in for the next lunar cycle, and what you want to release. Our workbooks are loved by our online community and help thousands of Witches, spiritual seekers, mystics and magical practitioners to find ease, joy and consistency in their practice.

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Customer Reviews

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Tony Young

Digital Full Moon in Cancer Workbook

So so good!!

I'm pretty busy and finding the time to research rituals etc can be hard. I love this workbook for all of the different spell and ritual options, I could find something that aligned with me perfectly. Looking forward to the next workbook already. Happy Full Moon!


These magical workbooks have become a source of joy each month! I eagerly await their arrival to guide me in connecting deeper with the current and upcoming cycles. Filled to the brim with useful content – highly recommended!

Brings life to my full moon gatherings

This workbook was truly a joy to read and brings life to my full moon gatherings with friends. It's become an integral part of my practice and I'm so thankful for these remarkable tool! 🖤

People Usually Ask

1. How do I access my workbook?

You will be emailed a download link immediately after purchase. (Sometimes they do end up in Spam). Once you open the link, you need to save it to a third-party application, like iBooks or Dropbox. Once you have saved the Workbook, you can access it as many times as you like. (Please note that saving the workbooks is crucial as the download links do expire). You can also print these workbooks.

2. I’m not a (insert astrological sign), can I still purchase the workbook?

Yes! The workbooks are for the Sun Season, New Moon and Full Moon. They are applicable to everyone, no matter what personal zodiac sign you are.

6. Are there spells and rituals included?

Omg yes! Our workbooks are packed with spells and rituals designed to help you to make the most of the current moon phase. 

7. Can I print these at home?

Of course! We've even included an ink saving black and white PDF file for you