Accessing Your Intuition


Find Your Inner Compass: A Week to Transform Your Inner Voice.

Your Intuition is one of your most powerful tools

Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve your biggest dreams. 
Cultivating your inner knowing is also one of the most impactful ways to improve your overall happiness. 
Your intuition will always bring you back home to yourself. 
I believe that the soul wants to express itself in meaningful ways, and when we’re NOT living our deepest truth, it can be very painful and leave us feeling restless, dissatisfied, and depleted. 
The trick is, you NEED to stay energized and positive in order to bust out your beautiful mojo in the world (in whatever creative form that takes), and to feel the joy that you so deserve! 
The more you trust and use your own inner knowing, the more easily and consistently you will be able to: 

*Make better, heart-based decisions more often and more quickly 
*Creatively solve practical problems 
*Gain confidence and clarity 
*Achieve success and fulfillment at home, work, or school 
*Feel more inspired and uplifted, rather than drained 
*Overcome doubt, fear, stuck-ness, and anxiety


Recognizing Intuitive Thinking

Interpreting Intuitive Messages

Developing Your Intuitive Skills

Applying Intuition to Decision-Making

Troubleshooting Intuition

Integrating Intuition into Daily Life


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Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where will the challenge take place?

We have a special online membership space for our challenge. After you buy, we'll send you details on how to join. We also have a chat group where everyone talks. This chat group will be where all the fun happens during the challenge

How long will I have access to the challenge?

You can join the membership area and group chat for 7 days while we do the challenge. Once the challenge ends, we'll close the chat, but you can still visit the membership area and use all the stuff there for another 30 days. This lets you finish the challenge at your own pace, stress-free

I'm a TWC member. Is this challenge FREE for me?

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Why can I choose my own price?

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What if I've never participated in a challenge like this before? Will I be able to follow along?

We make our challenges easy and fun for everyone. We keep things simple so you can get the most from it. Plus, chatting with others in our community chat is super helpful. Last time, during our Tarot Challenge, everyone shared lots of cool thoughts and had a great time!

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